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Do your part to bring healthy smiles to children

Certified businesses contribute 1% to bring quality dental care and education to children in Ecuador

In collaboration with

3 out of 4 people in Latin America

lack access to dental care and have deficient oral health.

Solidarity Dental's Mission

Solidarity Dental Certified businesses commit at least 1% of their sales to cultivate healthy smiles in vulnerable children and their families in Latin America. Together, we’re pioneering a solidarity health ecosystem based on sustainable care, education, research, and investment to lay a new foundation for preventative global oral health.

Bringing Smiles to Underserved Children

Together we can transform the dental industry, making it a beacon for social responsibility and changing the perception of patients.

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Charity & Social Enterprise

Finally working together to measurably create global health impact

Every child deserves to have a safe home and a healthy smile. With the
support of our partners at SOS, we are bringing dental care and education to SOS
children and their parents in 6 locations throughout Ecuador to brighten their smiles and
their futures. We are also strengthening families through SOS’s Family Strengthening

No patient is too remote to reach. For 9 years, Novulis has been
mobilizing affordable, quality dental care to underserved communities throughout
Ecuador. With its fleet of high-tech mobile, portable, and stationary dental clinics,
Novulis provides integral dental health services at the job site or directly to low-income
communities. With your support, Novulis provides high-quality dental care and
education to children from SOS Children’s Villages Ecuador.

Solidarity without Borders

The US dental industry is valued at $230B. That’s over twice the size of the economy of Ecuador. Imagine how much impact we can create together. Ecuador is just the start! We can bring solidarity to all of Latin America, transforming smiles in areas often forgotten.

The Solidarity Ecosystem

Certify your business today and be a leader in Corporate Social Responsibility. Our ecosystem goes beyond charity! We are creating opportunities for businesses to expand their reach into new emerging markets in Latin America.

1.  Dental Clinics

2. Suppliers

3. Manufacturers

4. Dental Schools

5. Insurance

The Solidarity Dental Commitment

We believe that every child deserves a healthy smile.

Underserved patients in remote areas of Ecuador often only see the dentist to extract decayed teeth. Your annual contribution creates a measurable impact in quality of life. We provide onsite dental campaigns that start with dental education and finish with integral dental care using mobile, portable, and stationary onsite dental clinics. With your support, our impact can last a lifetime.

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Types of Donations

Donating 1% of your revenue is easy when you see all the ways you can contribute

1. Cash Donations

2. Equipment & Materials

3. Continuing Education

4. Volunteerism

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"Dental clinics want to show their corporate social responsibility. Solidarity Dental will make it easy for clinics to differentiate themselves."
Dr. Mark Burhenne
"How do you measure solidarity? With Solidarity Dental we can measure financial
solidarity for health!"
Dr. Ari Bronsel



From French solidarité (“solidarity”), from Latin solidum (“whole sum”), neuter of solidus (“solid”)


Unity or agreement of feeling or action


It refers to the ties in a society that bind people together as one.


Emphasizes the interdependence between individuals in a society, which allows individuals to feel that they can enhance the lives of others.


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